Safety advice for driving at night

As soon as the day turns into night what our eye sees changes too. Our vision is not as good as it is during the day. We all have occasions where we think we see something and it turns out to not be what we thought it was. Experts report that during the night we will only see one tenth of what we would be able to see during the day.


Safety on the Road

Cars today are safer than ever before, and this is all due to ever advancing technology. Braking, steering and safety systems have all been developed to reduce the chances of being involved in a collision, they also lessen the severity of any impact. Cars of course still do crash, but we are much better protected than we were in the past.


Buying and running your first car


Owning a car is expensive for anyone, especially for new drivers.

There are plenty of decisions that you need to be make, the most important one is to start off with the right car. There are some very good honest dealers and unfortunately some who are just crooks so you have to be very careful.

Note that no car manufacturer makes just one of any model so don’t settle for the first car you see, look at several so you can make a comparison on their condition as well as the sound and feel of the car when you test drive it.


Owner responsibilities and running costs of a car

As a car owner you have certain responsibilities that are legally required to run a car on Britian's roads. The running costs of a car cover several different areas including Road Tax, Insurance to cover yourself and others for costs incurred as the result of and accident, as well as safety requirements such as an MOT Certificate to prove a vehicle meets the safety criteria to be used on British roads.

Below is a brief overview of these car running costs.

Car Tax

Whatever you call it Car Tax, Road Tax or Road Fund License, there are several ways in which the cost is calculated. For cars registered before 1 March 2001 the rate of Car Tax depends on its engine size.

The rate for cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 is dependant on the efficiency of the engine which is measured using the car’s CO2 emissions and fuel type. Should this information not be available then the old system will be used to calculate the Car Tax.


Pros and Cons of owning a new or used car

There are differing opinions on the question of buying a new car or a used car. To help you decide whether a new or used car is right for you we have listed some of the considerations you should take into acccount when looking for your next car.

New Car?

The advantages of buying a new car:

The buyer gets to choose their exact specification.

The owner will get benefits such as the full warranty package and any deals that might be on offer at the time of purchase such as free insutance, tax etc.

Peace of mind - There will be no unknown vehicle history to worry about.

Newer cars may have more advanced technology, especially in the areas of fuel efficiency, emissions and safety.


Used Car Search

Used car options based on budget

Have a look at some relevant used cars for your budget...

First time driver used cars or used cars for those on a tight budget Under £2000

Used cars available for buyers with a budget from £2000 to £6000

Used cars available at our Bournemouth showroom priced from £6000 to £12000

Newer used cars and prestige used cars at our Bournemouth showroom from £12000 & Above

Ideal First Car

VOLKSWAGEN POLO Hatchback 1.4 16V 5DR

Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16V 5dr

Price: Year/Reg: Mileage: Engine size: Fuel type: Gearbox: Body style: Colour:
£1,490 1997 (R) 101,000 1.4L Petrol Manual Hatchback Metallic Green

Other features - Very good condition throughout, Power steering, Height adjustable drivers seat, Electric windows, Central locking, Airbags, Alarm, CD Player, Folding rear seats. Hpi Clear, Comprehensive Warranties, All Cards Accepted.

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