Top tips for driving in the rain

Here are some top tips for driving in the rain which will keep you and your passenger’s safe on the road:

Check your tyres

Before making any sort of journey, always make sure tyres are correctly inflated to the required air pressure and check the tyre tread depth.


Keep your distance from the car ahead

When the weather is wet you need to be in full control of your car. Be gentle on the controls – clutch, steering, accelerator and brakes and allow a larger allowance for errors and emergencies. It is important not to tailgate as you need more distance when braking. Always try and keep two car lengths distance between you and the car in front.

Keep your speed down

When it rains, the rainfall mixes with all the dirt, grim and oil on the road. This creates a slippery surface which is perfect for causing skids. The best way to avoid skidding is to slow down. Driving at a slower speed allows more of the tread to come into contact with the road which results in better traction.

How to recover from a skid

No matter how cautious you are skids can happen to anyone. Should your car skid, remember the golden rule – don’t slam on the brakes. If you have ABS don’t pump the brakes. Instead, apply firm steady pressure to the brakes and steer the car in the direction you want the car to go.

Let the car in front of you do the work

The car in front of you is displacing and pushing water away and creating a better driving surface for you. Try to use it by keeping your steering and tyres aligned with the car in front of you while maintaining a safe distance.

If the rain becomes too heavy - STOP

If the rain is too heavy it can overload the wiper blades. This results in almost a continuous sheet of water flow over the screen. If you are unable to see the road ahead or vehicles ahead at a safe distance, you need to immediately pull over and wait for the rain to ease up or stop.

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